Double Cuts Barbershop

Dan Hodges is a successful businessman in Jacksonville Fla. He runs multiple different business, and his latest venture is a string of successful barbershops. Dan was referred to us for SEO work, and in the process ended up doing a full website revamp including logo design and branding. For his barbershop, Dan wanted his website/branding/logo to be professional, yet also have a bit of fun built in. Dan was very happy with the results.

  • Responsive Design 100% 100%
  • Logo Design 100% 100%
  • Search Engine Optimization 100% 100%


Customer Satisfaction

“The Remarkable team has really helped my business. When I started the barbershop, I had one location. Now I currently have 4 locations and I'm considering a 5th. I can't thank them enough for all their help.”

Dan Hodges

Owner, Double Cuts Barbershop

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