Remarkable Marketers strives to be the top SEO company in Jacksonville FL. We develop, design, and implement custom search engine optimization. We tailor our strategies to each business's specific market in the state of Florida, including Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Forth Lauderdale, and across the nation. We believe that SEO, and all it's components offer the highest ROI in the digital marketing space. For this reason Remarkable Marketers makes search engine optimization (SEO) the focal point of each new deal. Proper SEO strategies can help companies get to the top of the SERP's for terms their customers are searching for in their local area, or in their online market.

Do you realize that smartphone and tablet usage has nearly doubled the amount of time we spend online in the last 3 years? 73% of mobile searches trigger additional action & conversion. Not only that, but 28% of mobile searches resulted in conversions (store visit, call, purchase). This shows you the power that search engines like Yahoo, Bing and especially Google have over the success of your business.

Remarkable SEO Strategy

We much first research your particular market to determine the best strategy to take. There are a few constants for all SEO Campaigns, and then there are some variables that we will employ depending on your business

  • Assess Current Health of Website
  • Document Initial Rankings for Later Comparison
  • Identify Target Market
  • Competitive Analysis
Once the initial research is done we will design and implement our initial strategy. SEO is a culmulative process. Each stage of an effective SEO strategy builds on the previous stage to achieve the desired results.

  • Use Research to Develop Strategy
  • Determine Key Performance Indicators
  • Determine Reporting Schedule
  • Establish Timeline for Each Stage
After the initial strategy has been implemented we track as many relative results as possible. We constantly monitor for any positive or negative changes in rankings and adjust our strategy accordingly.

  • Establish Necessary Metrics
  • Measure KPI's
  • Daily Monitoring of SERP's
  • Consistently Report Results to Client
SEO is constantly evolving. Using the metrics we previously set in placy we can establish your initial ROI. We then set out to refine and improve our strategy. We repeat this process every cycle constantly looking to improve your results.

  • Assess initial results
  • Determine & Document ROI
  • Develop Improved Strategy
  • Implement New Strategy

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When it comes to Websites: Quality > Quantity

Since Google first introduced its lovable Panda Algorithm in February of 2011 it has been on a mission to continually increase the quality of the search engine results.  It used to be really easy to get away with questionable practices with regards to SEO.  The Google Zoo has since put a stop to that.  Google is now penalizing sites for many of the things they used to reward.  The just shows that web design, SEO, and all things internet marketing are always evolving.  You have to stay ahead of the changes if you want to stay competitive.

Google has also recently put a premium on site structure and layout.  A website that is difficult to navigate is viewed no differently than a website with poor quality content.  Google wants to reward sites that are focused on the user.  The higher quality your content, and the easier it is to navigate your site; the more favorably Google will rank your site.

  • Google is actively penalizing websites for keyword stuffing and over optimization.
  • The easier your website is to navigate, the better your search engine ranking will be.
  • If you have been penalized in the past for Black Hat tactics there are ways to recover.

Research of Company, Products, & Industry

In order for us to build the most effective website possible for your business, first we have to know your business.  We have to develop an understanding of your particular market, your competitors, and most importantly your customers.  The effectiveness of our design is dependent on our understanding of your ideal customer and your particular niche.

  • Research and develop a comprehensive understanding of your particular market.
  • Determine your target audience and analyze your competition.
  • Choose the design elements most likely to attract your particular demographic.

Keyword Research is the Heart of Marketing

When it comes to search engine rankings, keywords are still the most important factor.  Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others use keywords to determine a websites relevance to whatever is being searched for.  As Google refines its algorithm obviously other factors come into play.  However, at the heart of any marketing effort it comes down to effective keyword research.  Google knows this as well, and they recently did away with the Google Keyword Tool.  This tool was the standard go to for marketing to research keywords in a given niche.

Once you have your main keywords it is important generate high quality content.  As your site gets more traffic and builds more authority it will start to rank for additional keywords.  You can track these additional keywords and optimized your site for them as well.

  • Poor keyword research can ruin any and all additional marketing efforts.
  • Focus on a select few keywords and allow additional keywords to arise naturally.
  • Old keyword research methods is no longer effective and can potentially sabotage your rankings.

Internal Page Link Optimization

Google is constantly evolving the algorithm to award websites focused on the user experience.  One thing that it really rewards is site structure and ease of navigation.  The links contained withing the content of your website, which helps users find other relevant content elsewhere within your site, can have a HUGELY positive impact on your SEO.  When designing your internal link, you should have the readers experience in mind.  If you make it easier for the reader to find additional relevant content on you site, they in turn will spend more time on your site.  Google will see that and recognize you as a site that is truly helping their readers, and reward you accordingly in the search engine ranking.

  • Internal page linking is a has a huge impact on SEO.
  • Focus should be placed on your readers ability to access additional information.
  • Google rewards websites that focus on the users experience.

External Backlinks = Google Votes

Linking out to high quality, authoritative sources of complimentary information increases your authority in Google's eyes.  External backlinks can be seen as votes, and like the Electoral College in the United States; not all votes are created equal.  It is much more effective to have a few high authority, relevant backlinks than to have thousands of spammy links.  Google is actively looking for such low quality links, and will be quick to penalize you.

  • Quality over quantity when it comes to external backlinks.
  • External backlinks should be natural or at least appear to be natural to Google.
  • High PR, relevant backlinks have the most power to boost your search engine rankings.

Remarkable has a team of SEO Experts to help your business get found online, and to grow your business. At the end of the day it is all about Return on Investment. Whether that investment be your time or your money, both are important to you. With our proven SEO techniques we can give you that ROI.