Who Can Benefit From Local Marketing Campaigns?


If you’re in business then you can benefit from a local marketing campaign. How’s that for an easy answer?

Online marketing campaigns are often mistaken as something that’s saved for internet marketers or those who run virtual businesses from home. If you don’t have a brick and mortar office or shop, then there’s no need to market online, right?


Think about all the small businesses in your town, from the local pizza place to the corner gas station. Preschools, garden shops, grocery stores, restaurants, dance studios, daycare centers, martial arts studios and any other business that has a physical location need to spread the word about where they are located and using Facebook ads is the easiest way to accomplish this feat.

Generally, these small businesses aim to be well-known in their hometowns and then spread that brand recognition to neighboring towns. Facebook ads allow you to choose specific keyword phrases so using your hometown name as a keyword will allow people in your town to see your ad on their Facebook newsfeeds.

Internet marketers, graphic designers, social media managers, writers, and virtual assistants are just a few examples of business owners who can run their entire business virtually. Many have clients in different parts of the country or even on other continents.

These business owners can also benefit from local marketing campaigns, especially if they want to create a web directory of local businesses for their town, teach a local class, want to start public speaking or if they want to sell their social media and search engine optimization services to local businesses. Managing the local Facebook campaigns of some hometown clients is a valuable skill to add to a portfolio.

Many experts believe that smaller brands (aka smaller businesses) have more success connecting with and engaging their followers on Facebook because of their size. People feel comfortable interacting with a small business owner who is approachable and willing to answer questions rather than a multi-million dollar corporation who seems to just want to sell stuff.

Focusing on a local ad campaign also allows the business owner to tell stories, to share their experiences of living in their town, with their fellow community members. They can reminisce about attending the local high school 20 years ago or visiting the annual fair that arrived every Memorial Day during their childhood years. Telling heartfelt stories is just another way business owners can connect emotionally with their target market.

Of course, the idea of creating a local marketing campaign or even just setting up a Facebook fan page might seem daunting or impossible. Rather than doing all this work yourself, you can delegate this task to an employee, hire an internet marketing consultant, or talk to your advertising agency about this new marketing plan.

Even though it’s a good idea to understand how Facebook fan pages and ads work and the strategy for using each one, hiring specialists who are highly trained in this area is a smart and cost-effective idea. They can create a whole campaign and implement it along with the most up-to-date strategies while you continue serving your customers and clients

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Don Johnson is the founder of Remarkable Marketers. From the beginning, the goal was to help local businesses build a 5 Star Reputation, Get Found in Google, and Ultimately Get More Customers. With the help of a fantastic team. that is exactly what Remarkable does.



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