Understanding Google Places Policies

Google Places Policies

Because everything on the internet is so open to abuse, Google Places has a strict set of policies about claiming your listing, as well as what sort of content can be included your listing.

Their stringent verification process for claiming a listing generally ensures that only the people who own a business can claim the listing. However, if someone is found to be impersonating a business owner, they will be banned from the site.

The use of any offensive material, like images that include nudity, or copy with offensive or racist language, is strictly prohibited and policed. This type of content usually results in the listing being removed by Google all together.

Only lawful businesses can be listed in Google Places. They go as far as to say that any illegal activities that are posted on the site will cause them to call in the authorities.

Businesses that are found to be spammers or transmitting viruses will also be removed from the listings and reported to authorities if it is deemed necessary.

In addition, Google Places has a strict set of guidelines for reviewers to adhere to when they comment on a business. They closely examine customer reviews and will remove them from your listing if they feel it is against their policies.

All of these rules are set to help them maintain the quality of the service. If you have questions about how you may or may not be following Google Places guidelines, contact us.


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