Tips for Creating a Compelling Facebook Ad

Writing doesn’t come easily for everyone. Some people are gifted and can sit down at their computer and punch out hundreds of words or multiple articles. Others break into a cold sweat at the idea of writing even a short blog post.

facebookhandshakeIf you stress out over writing, you’ll surprise yourself with how easy it is to write a Facebook ad! Writing Facebook ads is very different than copywriting a whole sales page, primarily because with Facebook ads the number of characters is limited, much like Twitter.

Obviously, the purpose of using Facebook ads is to promote your product, services, or other type of local business by directing the fans to your Facebook fan page, to your company’s website, or to a sales page. Since the number of characters is limited in your ads, you need to choose your words carefully so they appeal to each person who sees it and compels them to click through.

Step 1: Do Keyword Research

Keywords are words or phrases the people in your target market use in their web searches to find the information or products you offer. Knowing these specific words and using them in your ads will help attract your ideal client to your ad.

Make a list of all these keywords and remember to include your local keyword phrases, such as the name of your town, county, or state. Do some other demographic research using Quantcast for more keyword ideas.

Step 2: Choose An Audience

When you start the process of creating a Facebook ad, there’s a whole section where you choose exactly what type of audience you want viewing your ad. These qualities are based on gender, location, interest, or age and will also give you some insight about new keywords or phrases to use.

Step 3: Create a Title

You’re limited to 25 characters in the title but choose strong words that your audience will relate to. Appeal to their emotions.

Step 4: Write the Ad Body

This section is limited to 130 characters and it’s important to personalize your ad in this section. Write as if you are talking to your best friend; convince them why they must click on your ad.

Sometimes people need to be told exactly what to do next so include a clear call to action. Phrases such as “Sign Me Up” or “Learn More” might just help your conversion rates.

Step 5: Upload a Photo

Whether it’s a photo of yourself, company logo, or product image, using a photo will help draw the viewers’ eye to your ad. Be sure to resize your photo to the allowed 110 px by 80 px so it doesn’t get distorted.

Final Tips

Keep in mind, whatever you promise to deliver in the body of your ad should be readily available or visible when the viewer lands on your website. Frustrated buyers will click away in a hurry so make the purchasing experience as easy as possible.

If you’re touting a brand new ebook, make sure the ebook is front and center on the landing page. Don’t make your visitors go searching for the promised item because chances are high they will just click away to a competitor’s site.

Another wonderful feature of using Facebook ads is the testing feature. You can run up to 4 ads at a time, each with a different budget setup, and this allows you to track the number of clicks and purchases. Analyzing this data will tell you which title and body copy gets the best response.

Of course, if you have put off starting a Facebook ad campaign because it all seems too confusing or daunting, hiring an internet marketing consultant to create and manage the campaign is an option. IM consultants are experts with keyword research and how best to reach your audience online; and they can save you many hours of frustration if you’re not a do it yourself type of person.


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