Google Maps cover roughly 30% of the first page search results. Therefore Google Maps Optimization should be part of any successful local search marketing strategy. The days when people will take the time to look up a yellow pages listing are over. Google Maps and Google+ Business Pages are the new Yellow Pages. This is where you customers go to find local businesses and services.

Unfortunately optimizing a Google+ Business listing isn’t as easy as it might first appear. It can be time-consuming, tedious, and totally unforgiving about mistakes or attempts to cheat the system. If you do make a mistake you’ll spend months trying to get your listing back up into the 7-Pack, and in the many hours it takes to learn and do the job properly, you’re not making any money doing what you do best.

Google Maps Optimization


  • The 7-Pack often beats ordinary websites into 1st place.
  • It’s actually possible to get multiple 1st page listings. This creates more brand-awareness.
  • Searchers trust Google Local results, so you get more clicks and more customers.
  • Some of your competitors are already taking advantage of Google+ Business Listings.
  • Google Maps Optimization can earn you a huge ROI.

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Case studies have shown that 96% of all searchers will never look past Google’s First Page. Consumers are using computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones to find local businesses and services like yours.

People are going online and searching for services in their city or even in their neighborhood. To compete in Google Local Maps, your website needs to be extremely focused on the specific search terms that people are looking for and in the geographical areas that they’re interested in.

When one of your clients searches on Google for a product or service with a location identifier, say a neighborhood or a town or a city, that is exactly when Google’s Local Map will appear.

Typically, Google’s Local Map will showcase between 3 and 7 local places on Google’s First Page. Local Map Optimization puts your business right in front of the eyes of customers looking to buy. It gives your contact info and exact location with directions to local searchers looking for your product or service.


Searchers That Research Online Before Purchasing in a 10-20 Mile Radius


Businesses That Have Claimed a Local Business Listing


Customers That Shop Online for Information

The factors that the algorithm takes into account when deciding the order of the results is a closely kept Google secret. Additionally, to make sure that the secret variables that determine the ranking order remain a secret, Google is constantly changing and altering the algorithm to mix up the results.

“This is where we come in. Getting your business ranked on Google’s Local Map and keeping it there is no simple task and requires constant up to date maintenance to counteract the changes that Google is constantly making.”

Having a Google+ Local Profile is the only way to get Google +1s and reviews for your business in Google’s powerful search and maps infrastructure. And the more good reviews you have for your business, the higher your business can rank on Google’s Local Map.

Google Maps Optimization is one of the biggest things to happen in the Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing Industry. It has revolutionized the way small and medium sized local business can reach their local market and local customers.

We have a deep understanding of how the Google Maps algorithm works and the factors which are used to determine rankings of Local Business Listings. We also have a few strategies up our sleeves that can help give you a competitive advantage in this area.

Is your business on the first page of Google local maps? 82% of consumers use Google to find information online.