Importance of Using Pictures and Videos in Your Google Places Listing


Images and videos have the power to showcase your business in a much better way than plain text can. Google Places listings can contain up to ten images and five YouTube videos, so it is good to supply as many as possible to improve the ranking of your listing in the search results.

Google puts a much greater emphasis on videos that are linked to a listing over images. However, creating a video isn’t an option for every business and images are generally easier and cheaper to produce.

If your business employs some process as a part of its service, you could create a video about it, post it to YouTube, which has its own marketing benefits, and then link it to your Google Places page. This way, your potential customers can see your business in operation.

Images and videos aren’t only useful for improving the SEO of your listing.
They’re also good for giving your listing a “personal” touch when people see what your business looks like, pictures of your staff, and pictures of the products that you specialize in.

These types of videos and images will make more of a connection with consumers than a product list or just a simple address ever will. If you need help adding pictures or videos to your Google Places listing, contact us for a free consultation.


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