Facebook Ad Landing Pages: The Debate Continues

Now that you have your Facebook ad strategy in place and have composed your localized ad copy, it’s time to decide where to send your readers once they click on your ad. Your choices are between your Facebook fan page or your website.

There is some debate among Facebook ad users and local marketing experts about which option yields the best conversion results. Testing and tweaking your ads while gathering your results will give you the best individual results so take advantage of the opportunity to run four simultaneous Facebook ads, if your budget allows.

Facebook Fan Pages

Your fan page is the easiest way to engage your audience in conversation. Rather than just promoting your services or products, find out what bothers the people in your audience and offer them solutions. Answer their questions, listen to their venting and do your best to help them.

One strategy is to direct people from your Facebook ad to your fan page if your business is new, if you don’t have an established sales funnel or if you’re looking to simply broaden your brand awareness. Identify the single most important goal for your fan page and make sure it’s easy for your new follower to follow through on that goal.

For example, you want people to “Like” your page when they land on it so make it inviting, with a friendly image, a customized design and a business description. Some people have customized their fan pages with a big red arrow pointing to the “Like” button so there’s no guessing about the readers’ next step!

It’s very easy to customize your fan pages now so after the reader “Likes” your page, they can then be directed to an email opt-in page, built as part of your fan page. Giving away a freebie can entice the reader to enter their email, which puts them into another part of your sales funnel.

Your Website

If you have been in business awhile and have established a solid sales funnel that gets you sales or new customers each month, then directing your Facebook ads to your website is a wise option. Using this option still gets people into your sales funnel and you can always remind them using your email lists to “Like” your fan page on Facebook.

Even though you can accomplish the same things using both of these landing page ideas, the difference in price can be dramatic. As part of the Facebook Ad process, you indicate how much you want to bid per keyword, setting a daily limit. The bids sending traffic to a Facebook fan page is less expensive than the bids sending traffic to your business website.

So if your budget is limited, start off sending them to your fan page and then focus on perfecting your sales funnel so your overall sales increase. Once you see an increase in sales using this method, experiment with sending your visitors directly to your website and chart the results.

Overall, Facebook ads are an economical way to target your local market to increase brand awareness and to also promote your products. Simple planning along with some testing and tweaking of your ads should result in increased sales.

Of course, taking action is the only way to benefit from Facebook. If you’re too bogged down taking care of your current clients, hire an internet marketing consultant to handle all your online tasks. Not only can they create your fan pages and your ads, but they can also start interacting with viewers on your fan page to get the conversations rolling.

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