What Are The Best Times to Post on Social Media?

One of the quickest ways to increase engagement on Social Media accounts is to post at peak times.  Obviously you want to be sharing quality content that is relative to your niche, but even the best status update will go unnoticed if there is no one there to read it.  In fact if you post at the wrong time you have in essence wasted all that effort.  Without any stats to back it up I would venture a guess that bad content posted at a good time would outperform great content posted at a bad time.  Of course that is only true for so long, until your audience realizes that all you post is bad content, but I think you get the point.

The following infographic shows you the best times to post on social media platforms.

Best times to post on Facebook:

  • Best times – Weekdays from 6-8AM and 2-5PM
  • Worst times – 10PM-4AM

Best times to post on Twitter:

  • Best times – 1-3PM, especially on weekends
  • Worst times – 8PM-8AM

Best times to post on Google+:

  • Best times – 9-11AM
  • Worst times – 6PM-7AM

Best times to post on LinkedIn:

  • Best times: 7-8:30AM, 5-6PM
  • Worst times – Monday and Friday, and 9AM-5PM

Best times to post on Pinterest:

  • Best times – Saturday morning, 2-4PM and 8-11PM
  • Worst times – 5-7PM and 1-7AM

Best times to post on Blogs:

  • Best times – Monday, Friday, and Saturday at 11AM
  • Worst times – 11PM-8AM

– Read more at: Fannit

A few interesting takeaways for me.  The Facebook statistics kind of surprised me, and I have to admit that I laughed when it says “people are not likely to check Facebook during work hours”.  Then again these statistic are averages and not just based on the lazy people that I know.  Also the easiest way to get a retweet is to ask.  I actually have used this strategy and it does work.

Once you have the timing down the next step is to figure out how your audience likes to receive it's information.  Do they prefer text, pictures, videos, opinion polls.  You have to try all the weapons in the arsenal and see what works over time.  If your niche is animal lovers, then chances are they are going to like pics or videos, and if you are in the political realm people wan't their opinion heard so opinion polls will probably increase engagement.

Best Times to Post on Social Media

Anyway these are just a few ideas to help grow your online audience and your business.  If you would like some professional help with your social media management, or your online presence in general please contact us.

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